Merhavya Institute of the Western Galilee


Midreshet Merhavya was established two years ago with the purpose of strengthening the formal and non-formal education in Akko and the area, and to intensify the Jewish heritage of the Akko. The midrasha operates educational and moral activities, which deal with strengthening the Jewish identity of the youth, and of the students of the elementary and high-schools. The midrasha operates in the educational institutions of Akko and its area. It brings schools from allover the country to the "Jewish Path" in the Old City of Akko. 

The staff of counselors is based on the students of the Yeshivat Hesder, and external professional counselors. The content and activities are written by the staff of Ramim of the Yeshiva with assistance from professionals.

The midrasha has been working for the last two year in schools, bomb-shelters and other temporary places, which have made its functioning difficult. The building of the "Education Center" will serve as a permanent building for the midrasha, will invaluably strengthen the abilities of the midrasha, and enlarge the scope of its activities.

Details of the future activities of the center

The activities in the center will be composed of a combination of routine activities and special projects throughout the year.

Routine Activities:

Days of study on Jewish topics for schools: in the mornings, the center will serve as a place for the activities. Each group will come to the center and go through a number of workshops on different topics. The activities will be for four hours, each workshop two hours long.

Afternoon group activities: Preparation for Bar-Mitzvahs - studying with the bar-mitzvah kid and preparing him for the torah reading. Assistance with homework - the midrasha will run after-school child care facilities for children who have difficulty with their studies. Working with couples towards their wedding.

Evening Studies - torah studies for adults with the Rabbis of the Yeshiva and the area; workshops for strengthening families, and for child education.

Lectures and workshops about Akko and its heroes, following which the group will go on the "Jewish Path" in the Old City.

Yearly Projects:

Our Jewish roots - training counselors for educational and cultural activities throughout the year, production of events for schools (plays and other activities).

National Awareness - developing a learning center about the city of Akko through the generations, learning about the Jewish history of Akko. The learning will be integrated with an experience on a tour of the city. There will be tours according to the holidays of the year; for example - a night tour in the narrow passageways of the Old City in the Slichot season.

Target audience

The activities of the midrasha are meant for the elementary and junior-high-schools of Akko. We are also in touch with the heads of child-care facilities for children of families in distress, to share our activities with them on a weekly basis.

The midrasha also works with groups from schools from the rest of the country.


Yeshivat Hesder of Akko , 38 Derech HaArbah PO Box 499 Akko 24105, ISRAEL
Phone: +972-4-991-3831/ +972-4-991-3212

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