About Amihai Merhavya

 Amihai was born in Talmei Yosef, a settlement in Sinai, in the region of Yamit. After the evacuation of Yamit, Amihai moved with his family to Eli in the Shomron. His childhood in the Shomron created a special relationship between Amihai and the Land of Israel. Amihai loved Israel, and over the years he went on many hikes on its trails and enjoyed its landscapes.

Amihai was educated at Yeshiva LeTzeirim in Jerusalem, and during high school he was a counselor in Bnei Akiva in the neighborhood of Musrara (in Jerusalem) and in Eli. Amihai enjoyed working with youth, and helping them through the challenges of their teenage years.

After high school, Amihai studied at Merkaz HaRav and eventually joined us at Yeshivat Hesder of Akko. He studied diligently, and passed on strong messages to the younger students about our duty to protect the Jewish identity Israel. He was drafted to the Golani Brigade, served there as a soldier and officer in battalion 51.

Amihai wrote a moving letter to the Chief of General staff, in which he questioned the readiness of the army to expel Jews from their homes. As a result of his letter, Amihai was dismissed from his duty in a combat  unit. Due to his total devotion, and because of his commanders appreciation, he was returned to a position as a combat officer in Golani.

In the Second War of Lebanon, Amihai fought with his soldiers in the village Bint J'bell (the battle where Major Roei Klein was killed). Other students of the Yeshiva also took part in that battle. In the course of that battle, Amihai came upon a group of enemy combatants, and was hit in the exchange of fire. Amihai gave his life for The Land and the Nation of Israel protecting the residents of the north.

After his death, the Yeshivat Hesder in Akko decided to establish a Midrasha in his memory. Midreshet Merhavya put on its banner the basic principles Amihai grew up on - education towards the love of the heritage of Israel, the Nation and the Land of Israel.

Amihai left behind his parents and nine siblings.

May his memory be blessed!


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